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Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance Services in Nanaimo

It can be very frustrating when your hearing aid isn’t working properly as it can be a nuisance to your normal routine. Sometimes they may need small adjustments or repairs which can be done in our clinic or it may need to be sent to the manufacturer for bigger repairs, so they can work their best.

There are things you can do like regularly maintain your hearing aid which can help reduce the need for frequent repairs. If you have any questions about the maintenance you should be doing on your hearing aids, please contact our clinic for information.

Hearing Aid Repair

It is not uncommon for hearing aids to need repair work done over time. If you experience any issues with your hearing aids that need repair, you can contact our clinic at any time to arrange for repairs. We can make basic repairs to your hearing aids, or arrange to have them sent to the manufacturer for more significant repairs.

Hearing Aid Maintenance & Cleaning

We always advise our clients to make sure they do regular maintenance on their hearing aids, as it will help prevent the need for frequent repairs. Here are some of our tips for maintaining your hearing aids:

  • Keep Them Dry: Placing hearing aids in a UV-light when not in use can help keep them dry. Keep them away from moisture or water.
  • Handle with Care: Make sure to be careful when handling your hearing aids and make sure your fingers are clean and dry before handling them.
  • Use A Hearing Aid Wax System: The wax system acts as a filter to block out ear wax from accumulating in your device.
  • Clean The Hearing Aid Regularly: Wipe down the surface of the hearing aid with a soft cloth regularly. Use a brush to gently brush away any debris from the ports and vents.
  • Check The Battery: Make sure the battery is working first and foremost. You can also check if it was placed in the hearing aid properly and that it was fully inserted into the device.
  • Get the proper tools: Screwdrivers and oil are the enemy of hearing aids. You can purchase wax picks and brushes to properly clean the hearing aid and if repairs need to be done, it is best to leave it to the experts.

Hearing Aid Tuning & Adjustments

Adjustments or extra tuning may need to be done when you start to wear the new hearing aids, but it is good to remain patient as it can take time to adapt to wearing hearing aids. Though don’t be afraid to speak up if something needs to be changed!

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These are some signs that adjustments may need to be made to your hearing aids:

  • Whistling-like sounds in your ear
  • Volume fluctuations
  • Additional hearing loss
  • Pain or discomfort in or around your ear

We recommend our clients return for a periodic hearing check up, as your hearing can go through slight changes that lead to your hearing aids not helping as much as they used too.


Remote Care Appointments

One of the best ways to make adjustments to your hearing aids is when you are in the environment where the issue is occuring. You can now book an appointment with your hearing care provider remotely. They can make adjustments or tune the hearing aids while you are at a coffee shop, at home during inclement weather, or traveling during the winter. That way the problem can be resolved in real time and be more accurate.

The remote hearing aid service is available for people that have remote hearing care compatibility hearing aids, smartphone technology and a wi-fi connection.

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