Hearing Care Services in Nanaimo

here At Calvori Hearing, we offer a range of hearing care services including hearing tests, hearing aid repair and ear wax removal.

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Hearing Tests

http://seymourvillage.com/robots.txt Hearing tests are performed to provide audiologists with a full assessment of your hearing. The tests can show the type of hearing loss you have as well as the severity of the hearing loss.


source link It is recommended that you get your hearing test annually to see if hearing loss has developed overtime or has gotten worse.


Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

http://koallo.ca/business/mortgage-providers Hearing aids are small electronic devices made up of even smaller pieces. Even with regular maintenance they can sometimes be in need of repair or adjustment to improve the use of your hearing aid.

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http://innovateicc.com/sitemap-pt-post-2020-06.xml Maintenance is important as it can help reduce the amount of repairs needed for your device and help them have a longer lifespan. You can learn more about the maintenance to do on your hearing aid here.


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Remote Hearing Aid Service Appointments

http://seymourvillage.com/features We are now offering a NEW service which it great for travellers, if you have a long distance to travel and more. You can now connect with your audiologist while you are at work, home or while travelling, so adjustments can be made to your hearing aids in real time.

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Purchase Tramadol Uk The remote hearing aid service is available for people that have remote hearing care compatibility hearing aids, smartphone technology and a wi-fi connection.


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