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Hearing Aid Accessories & Assistive Listening Devices in Nanaimo

If you want to get the most out of your hearing aids, it’s a good idea to look into the variety of hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices. They are designed to do secondary purposes that can complement your hearing aid, or to help improve your hearing in specific situations.

Hearing aid batteries are important as they power your hearing aids and can last anywhere between 3 to 22 days depending on the size of the battery you use and the style of your hearing aid. Be sure to change out the batteries immediately, so you can get the most power and use out of the aids.

Hearing Aid Accessories

There are a wide range of accessories made by the same manufacturers to improve your experience with your hearing aids. They can either help you look after your hearing aids, clean them, or make it more convenient to carry or store them safely. Here is a list of some accessories you might be interested in:

Hearing Aid Phone Streaming Device

You can also get streaming devices and phone amplifiers to make it easier to have conversations over the phone. It can be difficult to use telephones with a hearing aid and streaming devices such as the Widex Phone Dex allow you to send the audio from calls directly to your hearing aids, making it easier to hear.

TV Hearing Aid Devices

Even though you use hearing aids, you can make it much easier to listen to yous favourite show with a hearing aid TV streamer. The latest and most advanced hearing aids may have a direct Bluetooth connection to smart TVs, so you can stream the sound to your hearing aid. Alternatively, you can get a device that connects to a TV and then streams the sound to your ears.

Bluetooth Hearing Aid Streamers

Bluetooth assistive listening devices are meant to stream sound directly to your hearing aids. These are becoming much more popular with the rise of smartphones, like the iPhone and Android phones. Bluetooth connectivity, let’s you connect your hearing aids directly to them to stream sounds from phone conversations, music, or videos you are watching.

Hearing Aid Remote Control

It can be annoying to have to remove a hearing aid in order to make adjustments to the volume or settings. Getting a remote control for your hearing aids is a great way to avoid that annoyance. With the remote you can make those adjustments from the device without having to remove or even touch your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Kits

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It’s always a good idea to regularly clean and maintain your hearing aids to ensure they last for a long time. To make cleaning easier and more effective, you can get cleaning and maintenance kits. They typically include things like special brushes, threads for cleaning tubes, wipes, drying jars and pallets, air blowers, and so on. You can also get special cleaning devices that will safely clean and sterilize your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Clips

Hearing aid clips are a great way to help prevent damage and loss of your hearing aids. They come in different styles, but in general they work by attaching a string to the hearing aids themselves, with a clip on the string to attach to your shirt.

MiraCell Drops

MiraCell is a lightweight serum that works to loosen impacted ear wax that builds up in your ears. Excessive ear wax can also affect how comfortably your hearing aids sit in your ears.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening Devices are a particular kind of hearing accessory meant to enhance your hearing in specific situations. Here are some of the more popular examples that we get asked about:

Hearing Amplification Devices

Hearing amplification devices are similar to hearing aids in that they help amplify sound, however they are not customized or programmed for your particular hearing loss.

Pocket talkers are the most common amplification device, where you wear a small device that receives and amplifies sound to a headset you wear.

FM Hearing System

FM listening system works to reduce background sound that can interfere with what you want to hear. They also help improve the clarity of conversations so you don’t get hearing fatigue from straining to hear as much.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Most hearing aids provide an audible notification that you should change your batteries, but so later models don’t have a notification and should be changed if the sound becomes distorted and you are needing to turn the volume up.

Here are some tips on how to care for your hearing aid batteries:

  • Store the batteries at room temperature
  • Keep hands clean when touching the batteries
  • Keep away from keys, coins or any metal objects
  • Remove dead batteries from hearing aids to avoid corrosion
  • Open the hearing aid battery door at night

To avoid breakdown of your hearing aids we recommend you always carry a spare battery with you.

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