General Products

We carry numerous products related to hearing aid use such as products to reduce itching in the ears, products to lubricate the ears to ease insertion of hearing aids, as well as products to store hearing aids and remove moisture from them.

Custom earplugs

We make numerous types of custom earplugs such as: sleeper plugs (does your spouse snore?); industrial plugs; musician plugs; as well as swim plugs. Swim plugs are available in durable styles as well as short-term ‘in-house’ plugs. The short-term ‘in-house’ plugs are appropriate for children who typically outgrow the plugs in 6-12 months.

Assistive Listening Devices

We carry TV listening devices, personal amplification systems, and amplified telephones. Our TV listening devices tend to be of very high quality and are appropriate for the hearing impaired. These specialized headphones tend to be expensive – typically ranging from $200-$400. These devices can feature balance controls and tone controls, which can be of great value to the hearing impaired.

Hearing aids

We sell and service a variety of hearing aid brands. Every service provider has their favourites. Our favourite brands are: Oticon and Phonak. For links to these manufacturers as well as others, go to the Link tab.

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