General Information

Generally, the cost of hearing aids ranges from about $1000 per hearing aid to about $3500 per hearing aid. Yes, this is a great range of prices, and yes, hearing aids are not cheap. The more expensive a hearing aid is, the better it will deal with background noise: It’s that simple. A $3500 hearing aid will pick up much less interfering noise in group situations, such as a restaurant, than a hearing aid that costs $1000.

Why do hearing aids cost so much?

Hearing aids cost so much because they are expensive to develop, expensive to manufacture, and expensive to service. Consider the costs to the manufacturer: they must invest millions of dollars into research. During the trial period (when a hearing aid is purchased it comes with a ‘trial period’, a period in which it can be returned) they must bear the costs of returns. During the warranty period they must bear the costs of repairs and remakes. Consider the costs to the clinic that sells the hearing aids: rent, salaries, and equipment costs. Thus, when you pay, say $2000, for a hearing aid, you are also paying for the infrastructure involved in developing that unit as well as much of the subsequent service that it will require.

Purchasing hearing aids over the internet.

Yes, you can actually order a hearing aid from the U.S. by mail. You will pay less for a hearing aid over the internet than you would by purchasing it from a clinic in your neighbourhood. However, if that hearing aid needs adjustments, service, reprogramming, etc, it needs to be mailed back to the U.S. supplier for such services. If the physical fit is poor you will have great difficulty having the fit modified by mail. Plus, the acoustic appropriateness of the fit cannot be properly verified. To properly verify a hearing aid fitting it needs to be tested by electroacoustic means while it’s in the user’s ear – this cannot be done by mail.

Purchasing hearing aids from out-of-town.

Hearing aids require service. They are delicate electronic devices that are forced to operate in moist (perspiration), hot (body heat), and often gooey (earwax) conditions. These conditions can make them cranky and needy. Do yourself a favor and buy it from someone that is situated close to you. The clinic you purchase your hearing aid from is the clinic that is obligated to provide you with follow-up service.

Comparison shopping.

Feel free to do some comparison shopping. You will find that prices tend to be very similar from clinic to clinic. While doing comparison shopping, it is more important to compare staff and furnishings from clinic to clinic than it is to compare prices. When you purchase hearing aids from a clinic you will enter into a relationship with that clinic that will endure for many years. Choose a clinic that you feel will provide you with quality follow-up service. At Calvori hearing our staff is experienced and university educated. Our clinic is spacious and boasts of the latest in diagnostic test equipment.

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